Best Door Color For Gray House

By | April 4, 2024

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Did you know that painting your front door is one of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home? And in one afternoon you can take a ho-hum door and turn it into something your neighbors will talk about—for less than a hundred dollars!

Best Door Color For Gray House

However, with thousands of colors, it is difficult to decide which color is the best. That’s why you make me (insert happy face). You can hire me through my e-plan to give you the best 3-4 colors for your front door, or you can check out the fab options below…

Blue Front Doors We’re Obsessed With

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Burgundy is a great choice if you want visual interest without committing to the intensity of a truly vibrant red. Brick red is a slightly more modern take on burgundy, with red being the color with the most vibrant personality!

(see my profile photo – wink), the next colors will get you on the right track. Remember, although red is one of the most popular choices, this is not always the case

I gave my eDesign client (above) four beautiful front door options and Sherwin Williams Chinese Red was the winner.

Dark Gray Doors

BTW, 99.9% of the photos on my blog are from my e-design clients; Thank you for sending them; You are wonderful!

Navy blue is a bad choice for a front door. Blue can be rich and classic or fun and fresh, but it is the more traditional navy blue paint color that is a hit with today’s homeowners.

And while there are about half a dozen other navy blues I can shake off the top of my head, these are just a few of my favorites.

Whether you’re going for a farmhouse or a beachy look, there’s nothing like a fresh, modern teal paint for your front door! Teal is a mixture of blue and green – and not always an equal mixture. Some tiles lean more toward blue, while others lean toward green.

The Best Feng Shui Colors For Your Front Door

And, of course, the darkest of tickets – Benjamin Moore Yorktown Green. Not for the faint of heart, Yorktown Green is a gorgeous blend that is flexible and easy to live with. It would look stunning in a wooded setting with cedar siding.

Check out my affordable and fun front door paint color packages – let me pick your color for you!

The front door above is a Sherwin Williams Night Owl. Another beauty is Benjamin Moore Mohegan Sage or Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom for a strong, striking look.

But I knew the siding color (Benjamin Moore Dragon’s board) would fit better with a lil’ chartreuse, which also satisfies the owner’s desire for something outside the box!

Jrl Interiors — How To Choose The Right Front Door Color

Please check SAMPLIZE. Sampleize offers pill-and-stick paint samples that are more affordable, easier and more environmentally friendly

Black is bold and a great way to make a statement in a large or small home. It looks especially fabulous when paired with a crisp white trim.

And while black is a classic in the fashion world, it’s not a ‘safe’ thing at the front door. Some homes look very intimidating with a black door – especially ones that don’t have enough natural light around them

Black does not always suit front doors with river rock or ledge rock detail or heavy shadows

Gorgeous Front Door Colors For A Gray House

Gray and charcoal are popular with homeowners these days and, with their different undertones, suit a variety of home styles.

I also love the super passive approach of Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10, featured on the front door…

Yellow and gold can make a home feel warm and welcoming. Just remember that yellow reflects a lot more light than other colors, so when choosing yellow, make sure the intensity is appropriate for your home and your personal style (in other words, be careful when choosing ‘intensity’).

And while orange isn’t appropriate for most homes, it was the perfect choice for her home and the palette she decided on (see the full project here).

Front Door Color Meanings You Should Know

This last one is just for fun, since I don’t have a violet-inspired front door piece yet, but it’s too cute not to include.

Before the rusty red was bad, there wasn’t quite the connection to the stone, which is where the Sherwin Williams Darkroom hit the spot…

The best color for your front door is one that complements your siding, roof, stone, brick, walkways and surrounding landscape. There is no ‘universally best’ front door paint color.

Most of the time, the front door is darker than the rest of the house, although there are exceptions, especially when it comes to dark gray homes.

Best Paint Colors For Garage Doors

As long as it is a perfect fit for the home, blue is one of the best colors for resale.

While it is more important that your front door fits the surrounding finish/ambiance, black is seen as a classic black shade for expensive looking homes.

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What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?

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Top 5 Front Door Colors To Sell Your Home In 2024

Although it may seem like a small change, changing the color of your front door is a quick project that packs a big punch. A fresh coat of paint can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal, set the tone for your exterior and make a significant first impression on visitors. All in all, it’s a straightforward DIY job that even home improvement newbies can nail. If you’re thinking of repainting your front door, consider one of these trending shades.

Despite its name, Farrow & Ball’s Crimson Red is actually a warm pink that feels soft and inviting. It lets you lean into the trendy pink aesthetic, while feeling grounded. “Crimson red is confusing – the deep, gray rose has an almost earthy character,” says Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. It plays beautifully against red brick or adds a splash of interest to a white weathered home. “It is an elegant and sophisticated option and conveys a warmth that is beyond the threshold,” he says.

A moody green blue color, such as Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke, will effortlessly tie the front of your house in with the rest of your landscaping. The deep shade sits wonderfully against red brick or sandstone, says O’Donnell.

White is a timeless front door paint color that will always be on. Looking for the perfect color? Valspar’s cozy white is the perfect choice. It is a warm neutral that evokes both warmth

Front Door Colors For Brick Houses

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