Best Garden Tool Apron

By | May 20, 2024

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There’s no denying that gardening can be a messy business. If you’re transplanting a plant into a greenhouse or kneeling over a flower bed, your clothes can quickly become dirty and wet. This is where gardening aprons come in, providing protection for your clothes and handy pockets for storing small items while you work.

Best Garden Tool Apron

If you’re looking for something more functional, there are shorter garden tool belts that tie around the waist, as well as wide aprons with bibs in floral prints and custom designs. Below we’ve shared a selection of garden aprons and tool belts in a variety of styles to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

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This practical garden apron is made from waterproof canvas to protect against wet soil and splashes. The straps and center pocket are lined with faux suede for extra softness, and the straps are extra long so they can be wrapped around and tied in the front for a perfect fit. The front pocket is divided into two parts so you can keep your hand tools and seeds organized.

This garden apron from Burgon & Ball is the result of a collaboration with style designer Sophie Conran. The full apron protects your clothes while you work and is made from 100% cotton so it’s comfortable and breathable. It has convenient leather hanging loops and deep pockets to keep everything you need within easy reach.

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This garden tool belt features an eye-catching floral print and stylish faux leather trim. It comes with four multi-functional pockets for all your practical needs, and drawstrings at the waist make it easy to adjust to fit. This could be the perfect gift for a gardener as it is part of an extended coordinating set.

This denim garden apron is a stylish and special choice as it can be personalized with any name. It comes in black or blue denim and has a wide range of print colors to choose from. The denim fabric makes the apron strong and durable, and the four pockets provide plenty of storage for all your gardening essentials.

Short, comfortable, handmade apron with practical pockets and fabric straps for attaching gloves. One size fits all, it’s washable, packs nicely in a box and makes a great gift for the garden lover.

This handmade 100% linen apron was created by Birmingham designer Irene Wright. A simple yet ingenious crossover sundress means one size fits all and no adjustments required.

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This high quality suede garden tool belt is crafted from mossy suede for luxury and comfort. Large pockets can hold essential gardening tools, such as the best hand trowel, while optional extras such as a pruning shear bag and key loop make it a particularly practical choice for gardening. Made in the UK by a team of artisans, this apron can also be personalized.

This children’s garden apron is ideal for children who want to get out and about. This will limit dirt damage to their clothing and help them look and feel the part. You can also put your own name on this apron to make them feel like they really belong together.

This garden tool belt from Esschert is perfectly adjustable and has several pockets in different sizes. There are narrow compartments for pens and markers, as well as deeper pockets divided into sections so you can keep all your essential tools close at hand.

The short apron is made of cotton fabric with a floral print and brown edging. The straps adjust around the neck and waist for a perfect fit, and the apron can be personalized with a name or message printed on it. Coordinated gloves complete this useful set and make it the perfect gift.

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