Window Design For Home Outside In India

By | May 29, 2024

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Windows and doors are the connections between the inside of the home and the outside world, and although the doors are open at certain times of the day due to security concerns, the doors are open all day. Windows bring fresh air and natural light into the building and allow outsiders to see the environment while inside members can observe street life or friends. they can let burglars in and cause trouble stealing valuables.

Window Design For Home Outside In India

To protect their homes from thieves, bars were built inside the window or outside made of iron and other metals. But not everyone is happy with the bars on their windows and they need a protective device that grills around the windows especially for flat houses. Here are 14 new designs to help you decorate windows in a beautiful way.

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This beautiful iron material highlights the facade of the house, but must be installed with proper planning and calculations. According to the window designers, this grid should be placed approx. 10 centimeters from the sliding windows, and in the case of the hinged opening system there should be enough time for the windows to open with an additional space of 5 centimeters.

They can be a decoration in the house when they have features like this to make it fun inside and out.

It is a large space to be covered to provide a small amount of privacy while letting in fresh air and natural air, you can choose geometric designs like this. This design used steel pieces in the center of the grill design to cast shadows of geometric shapes in the center of the building depending on the direction of light.

Windows in new buildings that stand several meters above the ground do not need to be protected by iron bars because it is difficult for burglars to climb so high from the outside without being seen. But they need protection from the elements and this type of metal blinds can protect from the sun’s rays and also provide privacy.

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Do you want to make a statement with your windows? Why not try this metal picture attached to the corner walls of the house as a statement to make a window screen?

To create balanced linear designs and part of the interior design, combine with opaque surfaces such as bars and columns to effectively connect and separate the different levels of the building. Combining linear designs with opaque columns can give a cool twist to the house.

The materials for the windows may vary, depending on the style of your home. These fixed bars close together are perfect for a large window because the distance between them is too narrow for an adult to enter.

When you want to give an out-of-this-world feel to your window, this type of wrought iron window will meet your aesthetic needs. The design allows air and light to flow into the house while maintaining privacy from prying eyes on the street.

Traditional Singapore Shop House Exterior With Arched Windows And Yellow Wooden Louvered Shutters In The Historic Little India District Stock Photo

Windows can be protected by combining the window with a simple grill design in the picture or by having a window with one side and installing a box with a design as beautiful as anything else here. Combining the two will spoil the look and damage the windows.

An interesting design derived from the simple iron bars of the past is the modern rectangular design which has four metal bars in the middle with bars at the four corners to connect the window. This painting style is suitable for small houses and industrial buildings, although in combination with wooden floors and wooden walls it can also become the main element in rustic houses.

Square designs are one of the most common ways to protect your windows and the advantage of them is that they can accommodate all sizes, shapes and colors of windows and can be painted over to match the color scheme.

The design skills of a blacksmith can allow you to create iron frames and grills for your windows and doors and give them an exclusivity above others. In this unique design we see the creation of lines in the image built with family initials in black.

Windows Exterior Design

What if a window could provide privacy and protection against burglars and also act as sun protection? These exterior metal panels installed in the window will help reduce the intensity of the sun’s heat and can be an excellent choice if the furniture is placed near the windows.

When the windows are tall, the grills are not needed for protection and need to be protected from things like the strength of the sun, wind and debris that collects around the frame which can be made with a canopy.

Now that you have a great collection of grill designs to decorate your windows, here are some amazing window ideas for your home.

This simple yet effective steel door design steals the show as it guarantees good visibility without compromising on safety. The grill is stylish and painted in black, and takes up the length and height of the wall to ensure a view of the garden. This minimalist design can brighten up the decor and staircase in the living room. And the grill complements the soft and neutral color palette.

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We love this wrought iron window design for its elegant look and simple details. The bars bend smoothly and slowly as they rise from the bottom of the window. The two bars on each side are decorative and complement the imperial figures above the window. This wrought iron window design is solid yet elegant. Find a trusted designer to incorporate this into your home. To get a better experience with our home design, download other browsers for free. Just click the icon!

When we plan our dream house, we usually think about interior design and decoration and ignore the fact that it is ultimately the exterior of our home. Remember that it is the face that friends, neighbors and strangers see when they visit you or just pass by. A stunning exterior will stand out and reflect the overall style of the home. It also introduces your beauty to the world. Check out these 21 beautiful exterior home designs for ideas and inspiration.

Beautiful exterior with arches, high ceilings, powerful columns, roof of the house and winding stairs leading to the residence and the house is bathed in yellow light; The facade design of this bungalow reflects the colonial style.

The facade of this building was inspired by Louis Kahn’s design. The light pink color appeals to its relaxed and elegant style and will never go out of style. The wrought iron railings that covered the courtyard, the veranda and the security of the door were given the same style.

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The strong and durable mushroom tone cement concrete slab is contrasted with clear glass windows and doors, manicured green lawns, stone walkways and white garden furniture to give the exterior a modern look.

A contemporary design, this home stands out for its beauty and sophistication. Standing high above the ground, it blends in with the nature that surrounds it. Made of glass, wood and stone, it is a tribute to nature.

The high-rise design of this new building catches attention for its combination of the exterior with the strong and straight height in the middle which compliments the bold and beautiful design of the building. 

With stone walls, plaster and plaster, iron railings on the roof, roof covered with roofing tiles, stone and grass walkway and industrial lighting the doors; this is a common facade in small towns.

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To make the exterior of the house stand out from the others, the red brick and slanted grill design of the window is used as a pop-up concept to create this simple stone, cement and wall side is beautiful and interesting.

By making maximum use of the narrow part, the house rises directly from the ground, but retains its unique shape until it rises. The combination of stone, wood, glass and concrete combined to create a beautiful facade.

The design on this side gives the house a regal appearance enhanced by the manicured lawn, the sun symbol engraved on the stone plinth and the image of flying birds above.

Built in stages, this building with its modern design, clean design and emphasis on stone and hard glass attracts attention for its height.

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