Washer Dryer Stacking Kit Home Depot

By | June 16, 2024

Washer Dryer Stacking Kit Home Depot – Choosing the perfect washer and dryer set for your laundry room is a daunting task and a big investment. You’ll be living with your new device for years, and you want to get the most bang for your buck.

Classy Clutter’s Savannah Cochlears faced this problem at the beginning of her summer vacation when her old washer and dryer broke. Her kids use the pool a lot, so she wanted something that would last. Savannah did some research and found the perfect laundry room fixtures for her home with a little help from Home Depot.

Washer Dryer Stacking Kit Home Depot

It was a real bummer when the washer and dryer went out. That’s the last thing we want to worry about at the start of summer, especially with kids getting in and out of the pool with a million towels every day.

Ge 3.8 Cu. Ft. Washer 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Combo In White Gud27essmww

Here is a picture of what our laundry looked like when the broken washer and dryer came out.

This laundry room needs some work to make it work the way we want it to. We decided we wanted to add another set of washers and dryers. We had to figure out a few things to make this work, but I knew we needed a washer and dryer as soon as possible.

While awaiting the delivery of washers and dryers, we began renovating the laundry room.  My husband and I went through what we needed and we sized up the space.

With our list in hand, we headed to Home Depot to discuss our must-do list, budget, and our options with a partner.

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When we arrived at the store, we were greeted by very friendly associates. But before we sat down with them, we did a little browsing on our own to get a feel for what we liked.

We saw a lot of different options at Home Depot that day, which made the decision much easier. We sat down and talked a bit about our list with our partner and after discussing and looking at our various options, we decided on an LG washer and dryer.

A Home Depot associate made it very easy to make the final decision on the right washer and dryer for our needs.  After making our final decision, the partner placed the order with us and set the delivery schedule and time.

All our needs were met and we really enjoyed the experience. I appreciated that the partner took the time to go over all the options with us. Choosing an appliance can be stressful and a lot of money, but the associates at Home Depot made the process so easy and put my mind at ease.

Lg 29 In. 3 Piece Washer And Dryer Laundry Stacking Kit Kstk2

The process did not stop there. I’m so glad we ordered the awesome washers and dryers, but we had a lot of work to do. Since we were building two sets, we had to replace some plumbing in our existing laundry room.

Fortunately, my husband is a contractor and also owns a plumbing company. He could do all the work himself. He added another dryer box, rearranged the plumbing and a million other things to prepare for the installation.

We re-did the floor and also removed some cabinets and where the washer and dryer would go so we could put a few more cabinets on top of the washer and dryer.

We want the laundry room washers and dryers ready to be connected once they arrive. So, after some crazy work, the laundry room was ready.

Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Smart Stackable Vented Electric Dryer With Steam Sanitize+ In Platinum Dve45b6300p

The day before the scheduled delivery date, the shipping company called me with the next day delivery date and I couldn’t be more excited.

The day arrived and the washers and dryers were delivered. The washers and dryers were perfect in color and finish and we were all set to install.

They fit perfectly, I love the color and they have a great capacity. Everything on our list is checked. I was overjoyed.

We haven’t had a new washer and dryer in 9+ years and the first load was music to my ears.

Lg 5.0 Cu. Ft. Stackable Smart Front Load Washer In White With Ai Digital Dial, Steam And Turbowash360 Wm6500hwa

My husband and I love the washer and dryer. Home Depot has brought so much comfort and relief that it eases a very stressful situation.

This is on the other side of the laundry room. We now have a small folding area to make this space perfect for our family. We love this unit and we love these washers and dryers.

Our laundry room has come a long way since we bought this house. This room was a lot of work, but we are happy with the results!

For more laundry room ideas, follow Small Spaces, Big Impact on Pinterest. Browse Home Depot’s laundry storage and organization section.

Whirlpool Front Load Laundry Stack Kit W10869845

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5.2 cubic meters. ft. High Efficiency Mega Capacity Front Load Washer with Graphite Steel Steam and Turbo Washer, Energy Star When you need to make your laundry room more efficient and affordable, use washer racks or kits. A washing machine stand, or laundry stand, elevates washers and dryers by about a foot for added convenience and extra storage. Washer and dryer stacking kits allow front-loading washers and dryers to be stacked vertically to save space in the laundry room or fit in the laundry area of ​​a closet. 

Laundry stands and stacking kits are sold separately from washers and dryers so you can modify your existing laundry setup. However, not all washer and dryer models are stackable, so check the stack and stand compatibility of your appliances before purchasing. This buying guide will teach you the best washing machine racks and kits for your laundry room and how to assemble your washer and dryer. 

Washer and dryer stands are metal platforms or risers that are installed under front-loading washers and dryers. Also known as washing machine stands, they can add visual appeal to a laundry room. 

Laundry Room Makeover

They make it easier to access washer and dryer vents because they require less bending to load and unload laundry. Most have handy drawers for extra storage. Storage under the washer and dryer helps keep your laundry area organized. This storage makes a special place for heavy detergent containers, so you don’t have to lift them to high shelves. Some advanced racks store detergent and fabric softener for up to six months, automatically dispensing with each wash cycle.  

Washer and dryer stacking kits are metal brackets that stack front-load dryers on top of front-load washers to save floor space. 

They allow washers and dryers to be installed in locations other than dedicated laundry rooms. You can place the appliances in a closet or in a corner of your home. A stacking kit attaches the dryer to the top of the washing machine. The mounting kit absorbs vibration when the devices are in operation, keeping the installation stable and quiet. 

To assemble the washer and dryer yourself, you’ll need a measuring tape and at least two people who can safely lift the dryer. 

Samsung Bespoke 5.3 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer And 7.6 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Laundry Pair With Stacking Kit In Brushed Navy

If you buy a new washer and dryer with an assembly kit from Home Depot, you can avoid learning how to assemble your washer and dryer yourself and instead have your appliances delivered and assembled to you by a professional installer. When installing new appliances, make sure you have the right appliance parts for your home. 

When adding a professional installation to a new appliance purchased from Home Depot, you will need a compatible cord. Delivery agents carry both types of wire to ensure your home is covered. When you buy a new unit from Home Depot without professional installation, a 4-prong wire is shipped by default. If your home is equipped with a 3-prong outlet, you will need to purchase a separate 3-prong cord or plug adapter. 

Tip: As an alternative to stacking individual appliances, you can purchase and install a laundry center, which is a straightforward, combined washer and dryer unit. 

The best washing machine kits and stands for you make laundry easy by making laundry parts accessible and convenient. Check washer and dryer models for stand and stack compatibility before purchasing. Once you’re ready to find the washer and dryer parts you need at your local store, use the Home Depot mobile app to search for products and check inventory. We’ll take you down aisles and bays. Christina and Robert Martinez of New Darlings complete a laundry room update with LG appliances. Using a bedroom closet, Christina and Robert create an organized laundry oasis with The Home.

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