Best Paint For Metal Home Depot

By | July 5, 2024

Best Paint For Metal Home Depot – When we buy a house, we can’t always choose the color of the first house we buy – especially when we buy it blind! Cathy Peshek from Poor Little It Girl was able to demonstrate how The Home Depot’s ProjectColor app was able to transform her home’s exterior into the color of her dreams!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since BRAVO’s Buying It Blind aired! People always ask about our home buying experience, unprecedented and I really enjoyed it. We still absolutely love our home and plan to spend as many years here as possible. Although small (about 1,650 square feet), our first home gives us all the space we need plus a deck for Bowie. Our neighbors are great and there is a lot of development happening in our area, I can’t wait to see how things change in the next few years.

Best Paint For Metal Home Depot

But there was one thing about this house that really pissed me off. And that is the color of the exterior paint. As soon as I stepped foot in our yard, I knew this paint color situation had to be fixed. Because of the large tree in front and in the middle, it almost disappeared behind the house. The day we moved in I said to Adam “We have to paint this house!” so finally, a year later, we succeeded!

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The original beige-brown color of our house was bland and, as I said, lost behind the big tree. It took a full year, but we finally finished painting the outside of our house with the help of Home Depot. What seemed like a daunting task turned out to be much easier than I ever imagined! So, let’s begin.

Before working with The Home Depot on this project, Adam and I spent countless hours searching for the right color for our home. As you can imagine, that’s a million choices. Since this is such a big decision (hello, we’re painting the whole house!), we want to make sure we choose the best color for us and our house.

We used the ProjectColor application offered by Home Depot for the exterior paint finish. In the app, you can take a photo of your home and “test” the color on it to see what the final product will look like. Really, really great! After trying different shades (from blue, gray and green) we chose Behr Cold Steel (MQ5-20). I love how the pale blue shade stands out against the big green tree, white decorations and pink door.

After we finished one color, we had to find a painter! We did some online research to find the perfect company in our area to help us complete the project. He spent the first day high-pressure washing the house and preparing it for painting. The second day was a big day of painting the entire exterior surface. It only took a few hours and for all of you, the effects were immediate!

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Not to brag, but doesn’t my little blue house stink?! My phone calls are 100% better and my home seems a lot happier. I also like how the green leaves on the trees pop out of the blue. Honestly, I’m obsessed!

But let’s be honest, the house is never “finished”. There are already a few areas on my wish list that I need to do to complete the exterior of our home. We want to make our porch/yard safe. Also, we want to get a new front door and add some plants. As the year progresses, I hope that all of these additional projects will be completed this year.

If you’ve been thinking about painting the exterior (or interior) of your home, start at The Home Depot! Their ProjectColor app really put our mind at ease as we found the perfect color for our home. It’s great to see what the final product looks like.

This article was created in collaboration with The Home Depot. The author may have received compensation for this article and related images or videos, possibly in the form of products and/or services. All opinions and experiences are presented in the words of the author. Remodeling an entire kitchen or bathroom can be expensive, but painting the cabinets can be an effective way to update the space. Painted cabinets change the look of your room without breaking the budget. It also refreshes the space in contemporary colors without a complete renovation. This guide guides you through the best cabinet paints, from alkyd paints to acrylics, for your next project.  

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How paint is applied to certain types of cabinet hardware determines the outcome. Wood, polished wood or materials that can be sanded are preferable to laminate because paint adheres well to wood. If you are refinishing laminate, look for a paint that is specifically designed to adhere to plastic.

When choosing the best cabinet colors, look for colors designed for high-use areas. Some paint manufacturers produce strong paints that adhere well and are difficult to dry. The paint should also be scratch resistant. You generally do not need a color additive as it is also added to the color you choose.

To start, declutter worktops, remove all cabinets and cover all tiles and fixtures with masking tape. Next, remove all hardware from the cabinet door. Label the sponges and tools so you can easily return them to their correct place after the paint dries. 

There are many types of colors to choose from, but the best colors for kitchen units are semi-gloss, gloss or satin. Matte is not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms that require a durable color that you can easily clean. 

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No matter what type of paint you choose, preparation is an important part of the process. Wipe down all surfaces with a degreaser to remove grease and grime. Sand to remove old paint, debris and grit. For a more professional look, get a cabinet. 

If you’re replacing hardware or just need to fix imperfections, use wood putty on the holes before painting. 

When it comes to the best paint for kitchen cabinets, the stronger and more durable the finish, the longer the paint will last. Glossy cabinet paint is very durable. Some of the benefits of glossy paint include: 

The semi-gloss color is a balance of flaky and light and is suitable for any style of bathroom or kitchen.

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Choosing the right color for your next cabinetry project can be difficult. Fortunately, Home Depot has a large selection of high-quality paints and finishes. Order online to make choosing the right color a breeze, or use the Home Depot mobile app to help you decide on colors and finishes before you go to the store.