Best Paint For Beach House Exterior

By | June 5, 2024

Best Paint For Beach House Exterior – Beach houses with a beachy aesthetic are very popular and often evoke memories of days spent on a boat or swimming in the ocean. This style of house can be found in various places throughout the United States, from New England to the Pacific Northwest to Florida’s Gulf Coast. Coastal style is as varied as the cities and towns you find in it, but the beach aesthetic is always at the heart of the design. Here, we have collected some of our beach designs with a beach aesthetic to inspire. 

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Best Paint For Beach House Exterior

Beach houses can range from modern to tropical, depending on their location. A beach house on the rocky coast of Maine will look different than a beach house in Florida, for example. While a traditional beach house in Florida may seem like a tropical vacation spot, beach resorts in the Northeast can lean toward a more rustic and elegant feel. And in some parts of California, you’ll often find large, modern homes as opposed to beach houses.  

The Best Coastal Paint Colors For Your Home

In general, however, all beach houses share some similarities that give them that much-loved beach aesthetic. The colors of beach houses are often reminiscent of the beach—think soft blues and greens, off-white tones, and washed wood stains.

This Florida home is a perfect example of a modern beach house. With its combination of stucco, siding, and wood materials, this building looks like a beach house. Bright exterior paint colors also play a role in the beauty of the home’s interior. 

Clapboard houses like the one above are common on the East Coast and are a popular choice for beach entertaining. This historic split-level home features gray siding and light-colored brick painted with Sherwin-Williams alabaster. A comfortable seating area and a hammock on the porch make entering this home even more inviting.

Stucco is a popular decorative material for beach houses. Our designers achieved a coastal aesthetic for the homeowners above by mixing light-colored stucco with wood accents and storm shutters, also known as Bahama shutters, painted using Benjamin Moore’s Greyhound, a cool gray with deep blue undertones.

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This modern beach front home is quintessential California. This elegant design features multiple types of siding—all painted in Benjamin Moore’s Minimalist White—and modern touches like a mirrored balcony surround and decorative floor tiles.

This 1920s home has received a modern makeover to help it blend in with other beach houses in the area. Light exterior paint colors – Seapearl by Benjamin Moore on the side and Palladian Blue on the walls – help get the beach house to feel the desires of the home owner. In addition, our designers have created a cozy outdoor living space that includes a fire pit, lounge chairs, and a hammock on the porch.

This modern California home represents sophisticated coastal living at its best. This design features multiple outdoor spaces and folding doors on the first floor for easy indoor-outdoor living.

Our designers created a beautiful coastal look for this home by updating the red brick chimney, shutters, and front porch area. A new color palette—New James Hardie in Light Mist and Benjamin Moore’s Simply White on the columns and trim—also helps evoke a beachy vibe.

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This beach house fits perfectly in a New Jersey beach town. Outdoor planters, a large second-story deck, and a fire pit surrounded by elegant lounge chairs make this home’s exterior pop.

The facade of this new building is impressive, but the backyard is where the beachy vibes are found. From the pool to the lounge to the dock, this home features some of our favorite coastal designs. The soft blue exterior paint color also helps the exterior blend well with its surroundings.

Cool outdoor living areas – like the one seen in this design – are common in beach houses. Multiple living areas and a fire pit add to the modern coastal aesthetic of this California home.

Beach houses come in many shapes and sizes – from beach villas to luxury villas. Whether you live on the beach or just a few blocks from the beach, consider coastal design for your home.

How To Create Your Own Idyllic Beach House

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Owning a beach house can be top of the bucket list for some and I wouldn’t blame them at all!

Although not everyone can have a home near the beach, you can bring a bit of coastal beauty into your home with exterior paint colors.

Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

From the timeless combination of white and blue that you know I love so much, to soothing pastels inspired by tropical islands, here are some of the best outdoor beach house designs that you’re sure to love!

Sometimes I feel like we producers sound like broken records, but here’s proof again – white doesn’t always mean sterility!

It means white, warm, inviting, and welcoming, and if you choose white as your exterior paint for a beach house, it’s a great choice!

It should come as no surprise that one popular color choice for an outdoor beach house is blue.

Exterior Beach House Colors: Ideas And Inspiration

If your home is on the beach but not necessarily near the water, a blue exterior is a great way to bring water closer to home.

Shades of blue can mimic a clear sky or cool ocean water, and are a great choice for exterior paint for your home.

Of course I have nothing against the dark forest green outside the house, but when it comes to exterior paint color choices for a beach house, I think bright green is amazing!

You have the option of painting your front door a fun color and adding a little personality to your beautiful home near the beach.

Coastal Blue Exterior Home Ideas You’ll Love

In the same way, dark green is close to sea green, which holds the perfect balance between blue and green.

This color reminds me of the famous houses along Charleston’s beaches, and is a great way to add southern charm.

This is also a good color if you are right on the water because your home will look like the waves crashing on the beach, which is as calming and relaxing as possible.

Large windows in the house like these make the color more bright and airy and can allow you to sit anywhere in the house and look out to sea.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Coastal Home Shutters

I know if you think of a tan or brown house, it may not be a house near the water, but it sits with me for a while.

Consider things like driftwood, palm trees, and other things found outside the city or coastal town.

Also, don’t forget that you can always add color to your curtains, landscaping and front door if you’re afraid that the neutral color alone won’t be enough.

But when combined with green spaces and other colors in the interior of the home, gray can be an excellent choice for outdoor colors.

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors

We hope these beautiful homes have inspired you to pick up some spray paint (or pay a professional to spray paint) and start creating an outdoor home that reflects your style and personality!

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