Best Door Locks For Home In India

By | June 2, 2024

Best Door Locks For Home In India – In today’s fast-paced world, home security is a top priority. To ensure your peace of mind, it is important to invest in the latest smart home technologies. One such innovation is the smart lock, a powerful home security solution that combines convenience with high-level security. In this article, we will explore the features of the best smart locks in India to ensure the security of your home.

The Yale YDME 100 NxT smart lock redefines home security. You don’t have to worry about fingerprint access, forgetting your passwords or losing your keys. It’s the most convenient way to enter your home with accurate and fast one-touch fingerprint identification. You can also access the lock with a PIN code, secure RFID cards or replacement mechanical keys.

Best Door Locks For Home In India

Convenience is key with this modern lock because it can upgrade your lock and support door thickness from 35mm to 65mm. It is suitable for both left and right hand doors and installation is hassle free with no wires.

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Voice guidance adds another level of ease of use, seamlessly guiding you through the various options and settings. Multiple alarm functions enhance your home’s security by notifying you of low battery status, incorrect password entry and door knock attempts.

The UNIY UY610 Smart Digital Lock is a versatile option suitable for a variety of door types, including wooden, steel, stainless steel and aluminum doors. From -25 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, it is reliable in various weather conditions.

Fingerprint collection systems using semiconductor technology and IC card storage for up to 110 groups provide superior security. Additionally, it runs on just four AAA batteries, ensuring trouble-free power supply.

QUBO Smart Door Lock offers five convenient ways to unlock your door: fingerprint, passcode, Bluetooth mobile app, RFID access card or emergency keys. You can enroll up to 50 fingerprints and receive two RFID access cards.

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With the Kubo mobile app, you can track activity logs and share access OTPs via WhatsApp, SMS or email to unexpected guests or house staff. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, requiring a combination of two access methods to unlock your door.

LAVNA Smart Digital Door Lock has a 360° fingerprint sensor with a fast unlocking speed of 0.4 seconds. You can enroll up to 100 fingerprints, making it ideal for large families.

It works entirely through a mobile app, which allows you to add or delete users and use Bluetooth unlocking. The key supports RFID card access for up to 50 cards, PIN access for 50 codes, OTP access and wrist key access for added security.

The LAVNA WiFi Lock features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that allows you to unlock your door from anywhere using a mobile app. With a 360° fingerprint sensor and support for up to 100 fingerprints, it provides fast and secure access.

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The LAVNA mobile app simplifies lock management by allowing you to add or remove users and access unlock records. The lock also supports RFID card access with high frequency cards designed for maximum security.

Investing in a smart lock is a smart move for your home security. These top picks in India offer features that suit your needs. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home is protected by the latest technology.

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