8 reasons to start the painting thing


    It is not about becoming popular, not seeing your pictures displayed in a famous museum, or selling your arts, even if we demonstrated how to start marketing your works online a few articles ago. Not to give up your job or studies to give yourself body and soul to art, seven days a week. Not because someone told you, or even simply because it’s beautiful. Today I will explain why you should start painting for your well-being, to have a better, more peaceful, more fun, and more exciting life.

    Why painting is suitable for everyone: here are 8 points

    Yes, painting and cool drawing ideas can bring significant benefits, even and above all, to those who do something completely different in 99% percent of their time. Indeed, the very fact of painting also improves all our other activities. In short, anyone, regardless of profession and training, can start drawing and painting. And if there is no doubt about the possibility, now we will try to make you understand why you could and why you should start painting.

    It would help if you started painting because it improves concentration

    Have you ever watched a child armed with colored markers and albums? Does he intend to color some figures? Looking at him from a distance, without disturbing him, you will see him totally absorbed by that activity, as if at that moment there was nothing else in the world, or at least nothing else equally important. A coloring drawing, a set of felt-tip pens – or colored pencils – can even distract children from cartoons, and that’s no small feat!

    That concentration typical of children who color can also be replicated in adults: give those pencils, markers, or brushes in their hands. Recent inquiries have shown that the action of coloring and therefore of art, forcing us to think correctly about a single project, reducing confusions and variations, helps us regain strength. And in this age in which we all try – unsuccessfully – to be multitasking, putting work, reading the news, emails, messages on WhatsApp, and a snack in the same minute, finding concentration for a while is not at all.

    You should start painting because it excites both realms of the brain

    You probably already know that our brain has two distinct hemispheres, the right, and the left.

     We certainly don’t want to give you a lesson in anatomy or neurology: we need to recall the fact that the left hemisphere is the one dedicated to logic and rationality, while the right one, on the contrary, is occupied by processes that have to do with dealing with emotions and creativity.

    Painting – and art in general – greatly benefit from connecting these two hemispheres, usually distinct and involved in different activities. The moment of painting, therefore, becomes an opportunity to follow the deepest thoughts! Here’s another reason why you should pick up your paints and brushes and get back to painting!

    You should start painting because it helps self-esteem

    Some perhaps have too much, and those who do not seem to have even a drop, especially in specific moments. We are talking about self-esteem, which is very often put to the test by the work and school environment – and beyond. Painting, in this sense, can be seen as a recharging activity, as, attempt after attempt, the progress will be such as to believe more in oneself.

     Do you want to add the satisfaction and pleasure of being able to finish a drawing after days and days of work (and maybe after some tests that ended badly)?

    You should start painting because it assists you in finding yourself

    We paint a still life, a landscape, the face of a passer-by. In all cases, while stroke after stroke, we will understand something more about our subject. We will discover something new about ourselves. Painting helps us stop, detach ourselves from the outside world, free the mind, and dedicate ourselves to ourselves.

    You should start painting because it drives away the anxiety

    So many things worry us every day. Work, university, family, and many other elements of our life trigger automatic mechanisms that lead us to stress and anxiety. To get rid of these unpleasant sensations, you can try meditation or – and we favor this second option – drawing and painting. Among other things, the act of painting itself is not so dissimilar from that of meditating: in fact, one concentrates entirely on a single gesture, limiting one’s attention to the canvas, with the hands that, after a while, seem to move independently, between the palette and the painting.

    You should start painting because it develops instrument skills

    When one thinks of motor skills and methods to improve them, one can only think of the gym and sports. But that’s certainly not all: improving hand movements and coordination, and art can also help, whether with a musical instrument or a pencil or a drawing. The mastery of habitual painters is much more developed than those who never draw and never paint!

    You should start drawing because it enhances communication

    Even the simplest of drawings and scribbles – to know how to interpret it – expresses emotions, feelings, and states of being. And when it comes to painting, choosing one color over another can say a lot about a mood. It is no coincidence that C├Ęzanne said that “it is not a question of painting life, it is a question of making painting live”: yes, because on the canvases, together with the colors, there is our ego. Hence it is possible to look at the works as many means of communication, which in some respects are more effective than traditional ones. Drawing and painting can therefore help more shy people to express their emotions, bypassing obstacles.


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