Month: August 2021

How to dilute oil paints easy and effective

Are you approaching this painting technique first and don’t know how to dilute oil colors? Don’t worry, and this doubt is not as trivial as it might seem. Maybe you are a painter or a painter experienced with watercolors and acrylics, and therefore you are used to it to dilute your colors with just water. Perhaps he has never painted in your life, and therefore you need general lessons...[Read More]

8 reasons to start the painting thing

It is not about becoming popular, not seeing your pictures displayed in a famous museum, or selling your arts, even if we demonstrated how to start marketing your works online a few articles ago. Not to give up your job or studies to give yourself body and soul to art, seven days a week. Not because someone told you, or even simply because it’s beautiful. Today I will explain why you should ...[Read More]

Upgrade Your House with Attractive Designable Madhubani Paintings!

Everyone feels safe and happy in their home. The beauty and peace of the home also attract other people. By looking at beautiful paintings, you can feel good and happy at home. Without paintings, no one can imagine life because paintings are the important parts of our life. Your room is incomplete without hanging wall paintings. Paintings should be of the best quality so that people can attract to...[Read More]

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